Meet the Makers

Mariclaro Reclaimed

Studio 15

14259 Hwy 509, Snow Road Station


Contemporary Recycling: Mariclaro turns salvaged materials into unique bags and accessories giving repurposed goods a new role to play in life.

We transform seat materials from luxury cars into sleek and stylish laptop bags, purses and wallets. Imagine a handcrafted wallet or bag constructed from the seat leather of a favorite automobile. Perhaps we can help out.

If you buy a weekender bag shouldn’t it be made from a material than has seen the world – to carry the adventurist spirit? Mariclaro transforms airplane seat covers into weekenders, computer bags and travel accessories.

Mariclaro began in Mexico in 2008 during a local election period. Founder Sven was pursuing his PHD in resource management at the time and abandoned Mexican election banners caught his eye – and that was it: the first Mariclaro bag was born.

Today we have evolved into a sustainable design company. Mariclaro offers an array of unique bags and accessories from recycled materials, proudly handmade in our studio in Snow Road Station, Canada.