Meet the Makers

Creative Effects by Penny

Studio 5

5589 Ardoch Road, Ardoch

I have been crafting for many years. I moved to North Frontenac in 2014.  At that time I created my first painting on a simple piece of wood.  While driving home one evening, the brilliant sunset on Pine Lake caught my eye.  I actually surprised myself how that initial painting captured what I had seen - and yes I have kept that painting to this day.  

Since that time, creating has become my passion.

My canvas can be a variety of things, for example by taking a blank piece of canvas and bringing it to life by adding paint, or taking a piece of wood, cutting it, shaping it, sanding it and then adding paint or stain until something unique appears.  My canvas can also be a blank piece of clothing such as a t-shirt by transforming that garment through a bleaching process to express a favourite saying, image or place.  As well, I do etching designs on glass.

I also enjoy bringing life back to many older unused items such as a long forgotten canoe paddle, old windows and other unique items.

I welcome and specialize in custom orders.  I am always open to new ideas. I love to challenge myself expanding my creativity. Some of my work can be seen on my facebook page Creative Effects by Penny.

I look forward to meeting everyone.