Art By The Baileys

Studio 10

Showing at ClarMill Hall - 6598 Buckshot Lake Road, Plevna

If you think that coloured pencil and pastels are the same ones you used when you went to school, think again. The quality of the pencils and pastels have come a long way. Come and see the beautiful works of art that Brian and Leane Bailey have created using coloured pencils, and pastels that are often mistaken for photographs. The vibrant colours and details in the artwork is amazing.

Brian and Leane are local artists from Ompah, Ontario. They create original artwork of pets, wildlife, people, landscapes, and more. Each piece is carefully matted and framed ready to be displayed in your home. They also have done many commissioned pieces, especially pet portraits, family portraits, and home/cottage portraits. As you drive through North Frontenac, you will see three murals that the Bailey’s have painted of lake scenes in the area. They look forward to meeting you.

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